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Store shopping service is provided by JABLE and transcosmos inc. We want to bring more of Japan to the world.
We give you access to Japanese shops and items that aren't usually available to international buyers.
Find one-of-a-kind, 'only in Japan' treasures on DEJAPAN.

Step 1 – Check out some shops

You can click on the “Store Shopping” section to see shops available for shopping.

Step 2 – Add to cart

Once you find what you're looking for, start adding items to your shopping cart.

Step 3 – Buy now (1st payment)

Confirm the items in your cart are the ones you want, then continue to the online checkout.
You can pick optional extras, such as all-in-one item insurance + item inspection + consolidation plans.

*We can't combine items if you haven't chosen a plan.
*To make shopping simple, we don't ask for your address until your item(s) arrives at our warehouse.
Please choose your country of residence when making the 1st payment.

There's a mix of Japanese brands you know and love, and shops you might never have heard of.
Start taking a closer look, and we're sure you'll like what you find.

DEJAPAN is based in Osaka. As well as creating the best Japanese online shopping experience, we're here to show you the best of Japan.
Follow our blog and social media for behind-the-scenes takes on Japanese daily life and the latest trends in anime, gaming, food, fashion, and beauty.

And who knows - there might be new shops here the next time you visit. Watch this space!