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In most cases, we'll send items out in the same packaging they were delivered to us in.
You can choose packing options when ordering and combining items, for extra peace of mind.

Packing options Fees
Extra Packing JPY 500
Protective Packing JPY 1,000

Extra Packing

This option ensures there'll be extra packaging around your items.

*Recommended for figures, plastic models, and other similar items

Protective Packing

Products made with glass and fragile materials need to be handled with care.
We'll use extra packaging and padding, and put items into a new, larger box if needed.

*Recommended for glassware, framed images, and other fragile items

Minimum Packing

This option makes parcels lighter, and this typically reduces the delivery charge.
Items will be shipped straight from our warehouse, in the same packaging it arrived with.

*Certain items may be subject to lower international delivery charges with this option.
Please note that even with the 'all-in-one' plan, if you specifically choose minimum packing then we can't accept damage claims.

◇Terms and Conditions

*We always do our best to pack items securely - however, we can't guarantee the safe delivery of any parcel.
If any item arrives damaged, please take photos of the box (inside and out) as well as the item.
Send your photos with a damage claim via the contact page.

*Once you've confirmed your packing choice on 'My Page' or in your shopping cart, it can't be changed.
*Packing is likely to change the total weight of your parcel, and this may affect the delivery charge.
We do our utmost to pack items securely and efficiently.
Extra packing will naturally make the parcel heavier. Depending on your items and choice of packing options,
the weight could increase by up to 2kg.