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Step 1 – Find the items you want

Browse through each Yahoo! Auction category, or use the search bar to find specific items.

Step 2 – Check your item

If you find what you're looking for, please check the item details.(such as item condition, remaining time, etc)

Step 3 – Make a bid

Enter the amount you want to bid. It must be higher than the current bid.
You'll be asked to confirm the payment.

*Your payment will be cancelled if your bid is unsuccessful.

Step 4 – Pay for the item (1st payment)

Continue to fill out your payment details.
You can pick optional extras, such as all-in-one item insurance + item inspection + consolidation plans.

*Your items can't be combined if you don't choose the insurance plan.

Step 5 – Customer Information

To make shopping simple, we don't ask for your address until your item(s) arrives at our warehouse.
Please choose your country of residence when making the 1st payment.

Step 6 – Payment method

You can choose from 2 different payment methods.

Step 7 – Apply coupon code

If you wish to apply your coupon code, please enter your coupon code and confirm your payment.

Step 8 – Winning/failed bid

When the auction ends, your bid will either win you the item or be unsuccessful.
You can wait for us to e-mail you, or keep track of bids on My Page.

*If your bid fails (because someone else bids higher), we'll refund your 1st payment.
*The total charge for your items is split into 2 parts. The 2nd Payment will be based on the international delivery fee, domestic delivery fee, and transaction fee (if applicable).