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DEJAPAN is a proxy shopping service, helping you buy – in English – from outside Japan.

We give you access to products on Amazon Japan, Rakuten, Yahoo! Auctions, Yahoo! Shopping and other Japanese shopping and auction sites. Many of these items can only be found in Japan – now, you can enjoy them even if you've never visited.

Hunt down anime goods, figures, street fashion, and everyday Japanese products. There are always thousands of items to choose from.

Can't read Japanese? No problem. So that we can bring you up-to-date listings, all item descriptions are translated into English automatically. You can search for items in English or Japanese.

Don't have time to search multiple websites? Don't sweat it. We compile search results from every major shopping site. See listings from all of these sites on one page.

No idea how much it's going to cost? Don't worry. Our pricing and shipping plans make everything clear. And if the seller's offering free delivery within Japan, you benefit. Buy through our website, and we'll purchase the item from the seller for you. It's then sent to our warehouse, where we double check the packaging and ship items onward to your address.

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