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2019/01/07 Information

As always, thanks for shopping with DEJAPAN.

2019’s national holidays in Japan are:

  • January 14th (MON)

  • February 11th (MON)

  • March 21st (THURS)

  • April 29th (MON)

  • May 3rd (FRI)

  • May 4th (SAT)

  • May 6th (MON)

  • July 15th (MON)

  • August 12th (MON)

  • September 16th (MON)

  • September 23rd (MON)

  • October 14th (MON)

  • November 4th (MON)

  • November 23rd (SAT)

For each weekday holiday, we’ll be out of the office.

Services available on national holidays:

・Items and auctions listed on the DEJAPAN site will be automatically be bought / bid on.

・Customer service (very limited).

Services we won’t be running on those days:

・International delivery. (Please make 2nd payment by 3pm Japan time on the day before the holiday)

・Item request service. The form will be open, but there's a much higher chance of request orders being delayed or cancelled. Please don’t send us time-sensitive requests.

Sellers (Rakuten, Yahoo! Auctions, etc.) may also be away on certain holidays, and that affects deliveries within Japan. Orders / transactions will be dealt with as normal from the next working day.

We appreciate your patience and understanding during these times.


- the DEJAPAN team

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