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2018/10/05 Information

Hi everyone!

As always, thanks for shopping with DEJAPAN.

We've had Typhoon Jebi, Typhoon Trami, and a bit more rain on top.

Because of these weather issues, shipments from Japan are still being delayed.

On top of that, international shipping from Osaka's not back up to full operation. Packages are being diverted to Tokyo
before leaving Japan, and that's adding more time to deliveries.

As of this week, it's taking at least 3 extra days for packages to leave Japan after we've sent them out from our warehouse. In some cases (especially with EMS and Airmail), you might find it takes a week or more.

So if you're not seeing updates on your parcel tracking in the first week after shipment, please don't be concerned. Japan
Post is doing all it can to get international packages out on their way.

We're sorry if this severely delays your deliveries. And thanks for being patient with us.

- the DEJAPAN team.

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