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2018/09/05 Information


As always, thanks for shopping with DEJAPAN.

Typhoon Jebi (Typhoon 21) has passed, but it caused some significant damage in the Osaka area.

Here at DEJAPAN, we're all okay! Any items you have stored with us (at the office or warehouse) are safe.

But Kansai Airport took a hit with flooding, and there's also damage to the bridge leading out to the terminals.

Because of that, the airport's cancelling all flights and train services until further notice. International mail sent out from Kansai's being diverted to Tokyo airports by Japan Post.

So please be aware that shipping's going to take a little longer than usual.

We're sorry if this delays any of your orders. When there's more news from the airport, we'll pass it on. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

- the DEJAPAN team.

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