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2018/01/19 Information


As always, thanks for shopping with DEJAPAN.

Japan's got many national holidays throughout the year. They're pretty interesting - we have Mountain Day, Respect for the Elderly Day, Culture Day, and a bunch more.

On these days, our office and warehouse are closed. Keep note of Japanese national holidays for 2018 here:

2018/02/12 (MON)

2018/03/21 (WED)

2018/04/30 (MON)

2018/05/03 (THU)

2018/05/04 (FRI)

2018/07/16 (MON)

2018/09/17 (MON)

2018/09/24 (MON)

2018/10/08 (MON)

2018/11/23 (FRI)

2018/12/24 (MON)

Services available on these holidays:

・Items and auctions listed on DEJAPAN will be automatically be bought / bid on.

・Customer service (limited, please allow extra time for replies).

Services we won’t be running on 'closed' days:

・ Item requests, as these are processed manually by our team.

・ International delivery. (If you make 2nd payment on a holiday, it'll be shipped on the next working day.)

Please also note that some sellers (Rakuten, Yahoo! Auctions) may also be away on those dates, and this may affect deliveries within Japan.

We hope your love for cool stuff from Japan continues to grow in 2018.

Thanks for your understanding, and here's to a great year!


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