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2017/12/31 Information


As always, thanks for shopping with DEJAPAN.

Happy New Year everybody! It was very nice to see you all in 2017.

We look forward to provide you with more better service this year!

Here is this month`s DEJAPAN schedule.

We're sorry if this causes any inconvenience, or delays to your orders.

Our business days will be:

2018/01/05 (FRI) - OPEN

2018/01/06 (SAT) - CLOSED

2018/01/07 (SUN) - CLOSED

2018/01/08 (MON) - CLOSED

2018/01/09 (TUE) - OPEN

Services available during the holidays:

・Items and auctions listed on DEJAPAN will be automatically be bought / bid on.

・Customer service (limited, please allow extra time for replies).

Services we won’t be running on 'closed' days:

・ Item requests, as these are processed manually by our team.

・ International delivery. (Please make 2nd payment(s) before 12/29 for the best chance of your order(s)

  being shipped before the new year.)

Please also note that some sellers (Rakuten, Yahoo! Auctions) may also be away, and this may affect ]

deliveries within Japan. Orders / transactions will be dealt with as normal from 1/9 onwards.

Please enjoy your Japan shopping/bidding with DEJAPAN – and have a great holiday season!


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