light How to Use the Request Form

Using the request form, you can order from almost any Japanese website.
(There are some exceptions, see below*)

We've made the request form straightforward! Simply enter:

  • 1) Item URL
  • 2) Item name
  • You can copy and paste right from the item page
  • 3) Option
  • If there is a particular color/size/condition you want, enter it here. If there aren't any choices, just check "No option"
  • 4) Price
  • If you can, please enter the tax-included price (税込み). It would be much appreciated!
  • 5) Quantity
  • 6) Upload image
  • Not required, but it can be helpful

If you want to order more than 1 item, click the “Add more items” button and repeat the steps above.

Some things to be careful about:

  • - All items must be from the same website
  • - Item names which are too long may cause an error - if you see an error, please shorten the name (it doesn’t have to match the name on the item page exactly)
  • - There is 3 MB limit on image size, so please use small image files when possible

*Sites we can’t buy from:

  • 1 Sites known to block proxies:
  • BicCamera
  • Yodobashi Camera
  • Kotobukiya
  • Yamada Denki
  • Marui (0101)
  • Beams
  • These are the major examples, but please check the full list here!
  • 2. Sites which do not actually sell items (they buy items from you)
  • These sites usually have “kaitori (買取)” in the URL or the page title (ex.