light Prohibited Items

There are some things we (legally) can't deliver:

1. Explosives
X Fireworks X Firecrackers X Ammunition
2. Pressurised Gas
X Spray Cans X Diving Tanks X Camping Gas Canisters X Butane Gas Canisters X Butane Lighter Fuels X Fire Extinguishers
X Portable Concentrated Oxygen X Helium Gas X Chlorofluorocarbons X Gas Heaters X Dust Remover Spray X Aqualung
X Life Preservers X Gas Gun X Car suspensions
3. Flammable Liquids
X Oil Lighters X Lighter Fuels X Paint X Nail Varnish X Alcohol X Paint Thinner
X Varnish X Lacquer X Perfumes
4. Flammable Substances
X Matches X Charcoal X Ink X Ink Cartridges for Printers X Electric Fuses X Blasting Fuses
X Detonators X Flares x Polish X Wax X Nail Polish Remover X Hair Dye
X Disposable Body Warmers
5. Oxidising Substances
X Small Personal Oxygen Generators X Peroxides X Bleaching Powder
6. Toxic Substances
X Pesticides X Agriculture Chemicals X Insecticides X Chloroform
7. Radioactive Materials
X Uranium X Plutonium X Caesium X Thorium X Nuclear Waste
8. Corrosive Substances
X Wet Batteries X Mercury X Corrosive cleaning solutions X Disinfectant X Solid Fungicide X Mercury Compounds
X Rodenticide
9. Misc. Dangerous Goods
X Magnetised Materials X Engines X Dry Ice X Asbestos X Internal Combustion Engines
10. Other prohibited items
X Drugs X Psychotropic Substances X Living Animals (Washington Convention) X Obscene Articles X Livestock Feed
X Diamonds (Incl. Rough and Fabricated) X Pharmaceuticals Containing Blood X Counterfeit / Altered / Fake Currency
X Postage Stamps / Fiscal Stamps X National Treasures X Important Cultural Property X Important Works of Art X Lottery Tickets
X Pirated CDs / DVDs / Software X Items with an Undetermined Origin X Airguns X Fake Swords
X Precious metals (gold, silver, gold and silver products etc.) X Jewelry (diamonds, processed goods etc. )
X Coins X Paper money X Soil X Private letters X Microorganism X Gun Parts(Metal)
X Rosewood X Perishables X Money X Airplane Tickets X Tickets (Concert Tickets, etc.)

* We can't handle anything prohibited by the Washington Convention.
* If you buy a prohibited item - whether deliberately or by accident - we can't deliver it.
We try to filter these items out, but we're not responsible or liable for your purchases and bids.
*Note: Excluding biological and radioactive materials permitted under international mail regulations. Please check these before ordering.

Prohibited items by country

As well as the general list above, every country has a specific list of prohibited items.
*If your country's not shown, contact us  here, or check your prohibited items in the website of Japan Post here.

Country List
United States ・Tobacco/Cigarettes ・Anabolic Steroids ・Ashes ・Sharp instruments
・Beef ・Alcoholic beverages ・Ammunition ・Matches
・Animal products ・Lottery tickets ・Contraceptive products ・Perishable substances
・Drugs ・Fur ・Leather ・Honey bees
・Gold ・Serum, Vaccines ・Insect ・Firearms
・Plants ・Feathers, leather ・Soil ・Animal intestines
・Animal parts/organs ・Meat ・Switchblade ・Pathogens
・Radioactive material
Canada ・Honey bees ・Bee nests & hives ・Propaganda Posters ・Lighters
・Printed matter ・Down (feathers) ・Hay, wheat straw ・Valuables
・Counterfeit currency ・Bank notes ・Articles made in prison ・Metallic name plate
・Munitions ・Artistic or literary work ・Alcoholic beverages ・Artificial butter
・Ammunition ・Matches ・Meat ・Smoke generating device
・Contraceptive products ・Articles of disturbing nature ・Lottery ・Weapons
・Drugs ・Canned Food ・Condensed milk ・Tobacco/Cigaretts
・Broom broom corn ・Pharmaceuticals ・Bulbs ・Serum
・Wheat ・Plants ・Biological preparation ・Seed of agricultural products
Hong Kong ・Film, celluloid ・Lighters ・Counterfeit money ・Circular of a moneylender
・Items contrary to public policy ・Propaganda ads ・Counterfeit stamps ・Ammunition
・Matches ・Pesticide ・Explosive ・Lottery
・Tobacco/Cigaretts ・Shaving brush ・Diamond rock ・vaccine
・Valuables ・Munitions ・Plants ・Fuelwood
・Alcoholic beverages ・Textile, textile products ・Transmitting equipment ・Transceivers
・Paints ・Animal Products ・Poisons ・Varnishes
・Penicillin ・Weapons ・Radioactive substances ・Dangerous substances
・Drugs ・Acetic anhydride
Taiwan ・Counterfeit goods ・Copyright infringing goods ・Lottery ・Poison gas
・Meat ・Weapons ・Drugs ・Vegetables and fruits
・Chemicals ・Mushroom ・Gun shaped toy, goods ・Plants
・Tea (less 6 kg) ・Products of Mainland China ・Rice ・Protective wildlife

*Please note this list is provided and updated by the Japan Post Office.
*Prohibited items may change abruptly. We can't guarantee your order will be delivered.
*Please check this list BEFORE buying or bidding. We can't deliver prohibited items, and we can't cancel or refund your order.
*Spotted a listing for a prohibited item? Let us know here.