Digimon 20th anniversary ver. - Alphamon, Zubamon and Omegamon Colour Alphamon Colour

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Digimon 20th anniversary ver. - Alphamon, Zubamon and Omegamon Colour are now released!

【Product Introduction】
"Digital Monster", which total sales reached over 8 million, just
­released the "Digimon Ver.20th series" new version with three new
­colours: Alphamon Colour(Black), Zubamon(Gold), Omegamon Colour(Pearl White)!

【Digimons Included】
Besides all Digimons of past Digivice series Ver.1~Ver.5, 10th
Anniversary Character "Dracomon", 15th Anniversary Character
"Huckmon" and the new 20th Anniversary Character "Zubamon" are also
being included. Total will have 154 Digimons and you can bred 134 of them.
Also, there is a Digitama called special Digitama which you need
to complete some conditions in order to get it. "Lunamon" in
Alphamon Colour, "Meicoomon" in Zubamon Colour and "Coronamon" in
Omegamon Colour will also appear in the special Digitama, they can
even digivolve into ultimate form.
Furthermore, there are many other ultimate form of Digimons
included. When you use two specific ultimate form Digimons to join
double battle, the two Digimons can combine together to become a stronger Digimon.

【Bred & Digivolution】
You can bred two Digimons at the same time starting from "Digimon
Ver.20th", thus you can enjoy seeing the two cute Digimons sleep
and eat together. Also, hatching speed apparently increased when
compare with past Digivice, therefore you can bred lots of Digimons
in a shorter period of time. You can get new Digimons by playing
Battle Mode or Double Battle, battle function has also been upgraded.

【Connect & Battle】
Your own Digimons can form a team of two to battle with your
friends or computer, you can even copy your friend's Digimon after
sucessful connection and then you can make a team with it.

【Product Content】
Main Body…1

【Product Size】
W58mm x H41mm x D15mm

Main Body…ABS, PC, SI

Above 15 years old

CR2032 x 1 (Included) ※For testing purpose only

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