Shipping to You

For International Shipment

All international shipping methods offer tracking and insurance.
The chart below shows all international shipping options that we currently offer.

Shipping Company Shipping Method Approximate Delivery Time Sent via
Japan Post EMS (Express Mail Service) 1 week Airplane
Japan Post Air Mail (International Parcel Post) 1-2 weeks Airplane
Japan Post Surface Mail (International Parcel Post) 2-3 months Boat
DHL Express Worldwide 1 week Airplane
UPS Worldwide Economy 1 week Airplane
FedEx* International Priority 1 week Airplane
*FedEx is only available to the U.S. and Canada.
  • Not all shipping methods are available for every country.
  • You can check current availability on the Japan Post website here.
  • You can check the current Japan Post shipping rates here.
  • Please note that all timeframes are estimates, and real shipping times may vary, depending on global shipping conditions.
  • We do not currently offer any Small Packet shipping options.
Track Your Parcel

Enter your tracking number into the appropriate site below to track your parcel.

Size Limits
  • By default, items are packed within the Japan Post Surface Mail size and weight limits.
    Total box size is calculated as Length + (Height + Width) × 2
    Depending on your country, this size limit is usually either:
    • A: 300 cm, with a maximum weight of 20 or 30 kg
    • B: 200 cm, with a maximum weight of 20 or 30 kg
    Please check your country’s size and weight limits for each method here (Only available in Japanese).
  • Items will be packed into multiple boxes if using one box would exceed the Japan Post Surface Mail size and/or weight limits.
Japan Post Customs Processing Fee

Japan Post charges a 2,800 JPY Customs Processing Fee if the total price of all items in a parcel exceeds 200,000 JPY.

  • For more information about the customs clearance procedure, please check here.
  • For more information about the customs clearance fee, please check here (Only available in Japanese).
Insurance and Compensation Limit

Any applicable insurance fees are included in the cost of shipping during 2nd payment.

Shipping Company Japan Post DHL UPS FedEx*
EMS, Airmail, Surface Mail
Compensation Limit
(per Box)
Up to 2,000,000 JPY Up to 100,000,000 JPY Up to 50,000 USD
More details:

*Additional Japan Post insurance is not available for every country.

*Final compensation amount is decided by the shipping company, and depends on the specific details of your claim.

*Claims generally take 2-3 months or more to be processed, due to the number of parties involved in the investigation, both in Japan and in your country.

For Shipment to a Japanese Address

On request, we can ship your parcel to a Japanese address.

Please note that we cannot send parcels to forwarding services, per company policy.

  • A 10% handling fee (calculated as 10% of the total item cost) applies to parcels shipped within Japan.
  • Parcels shipped to Japanese addresses are sent via Yamato Transport.
  • The compensation limit per box is up to 300,000 JPY.
  • Enter your tracking number into the site below to track your parcel.
  • Japan Post parcels are shipped as the “Parcel” category of shipments. We do not offer shipment within the category of “Printed Matter.”
  • Some items are prohibited from being shipped internationally.
    Check our Prohibited Items page for more information.
  • Your parcel may be returned if delivery is unsuccessful. We will contact you if your parcel is returned to us.
    • If you want to reship your parcel, you will need to pay the international shipping fee again, as well as any fee charged by the shipping company for the return trip from your country to Japan. Please note that shipping rates may have changed between your original shipment date and the reshipment date.
  • FedEx requires extra information on item material for items such as clothing and watches.
    This information may not be readily available. In this case, the parcel may be returned to our warehouse.
    Please avoid using FedEx for these kinds of items.
  • Shipping food (including snacks) via non-Japan Post shipping methods can cause problems with customs clearance.
    We recommend using a Japan Post shipping option if you plan to ship food.