Prohibited Items

Most Commonly Ordered Prohibited Items These are the most commonly ordered items that we can't ship via any method to any country. Please see below for a complete list.

Restricted ItemsThese are items that we can only ship via certain methods or to certain countries. Please check with us before ordering these items.

Items Prohibited By DEJAPAN

*We reserve the right to cancel any order.

Country-Specific Restrictions

As well as the general list, every country has a specific list of prohibited items.

Please check with your country’s Customs Office, or check the lists provided by the United Postal Union here (click to download).

Please note that prohibited items may change abruptly, and we can't guarantee your order will be delivered.

Please check this list BEFORE buying or bidding.

We can't ship prohibited items, and we can't refund any orders for prohibited items.

More Examples of Prohibited Items


  • Fireworks

  • Firecrackers

  • Ammunition

Pressurised Gas

  • Spray Cans

  • Scuba Tanks

  • Gas Canisters

  • Fire Extinguishers

  • Portable Concentrated Oxygen

  • Helium Gas

  • Computer Duster

  • Life Preservers

  • Automotive Suspensions

  • Portable Concentrated Oxygen

  • Tires

Flammable Liquids

  • Lighter Fuel

  • Paint

  • Paint Thinner

  • Lacquer

  • Perfume

  • Nail Polish

  • Nail Polish Remover

  • Hair Dye

  • Alcohol

  • Ink

Flammable Substances

  • Matches

  • Charcoal

  • Printer Cartridges

  • Electric Fuses

  • Flares

  • Wax

  • Disposable Hand Warmers

Oxidising Substances

  • Personal Oxygen Generators

  • Peroxides

  • Bleaching Powder

Toxic Substances

  • Pesticides

  • Rodenticides

  • Insecticides

  • Agriculture Chemicals

Radioactive Materials

  • Uranium

  • Plutonium

  • Caesium

  • Thorium

  • Nuclear Waste

Corrosive Substances

  • Wet Batteries

  • Mercury

  • Corrosive cleaning solutions

  • Solid Fungicide

Misc. Dangerous Goods

  • Magnets

  • Engines

  • Dry Ice

  • Asbestos

  • Airbags

  • Batteries

Other Prohibited Items

  • Drugs

  • Psychotropic Substances

  • Live Animals

  • Microorganisms

  • Soil

  • Livestock Feed

  • Rosewood

  • Perishable Items

  • Obscene Articles

  • Diamonds

  • Precious Metals

  • Pharmaceuticals
    Containing Blood

  • Counterfeit/Altered/
    Fake Currency

  • Coins

  • Paper Money

  • Postage/Fiscal Stamps

  • National Treasures

  • Important Cultural Property

  • Important Works of Art

  • Lottery Tickets

  • Pirated Material

  • Gun Parts

  • Airguns

  • Fake Swords

  • Private Letters

  • Tickets

  • Items with an Undetermined Origin

  • Anything Prohibited by CITES

  • If you buy a prohibited item - whether deliberately or by accident - we can't ship it.
    We try to filter these items out, but we are not responsible or liable for your purchases and bids.