Consolidation Service

What is the Consolidation Service?

The Consolidation Service allows you to combine up to 25 Order Numbers (regardless of item quantity) when we ship the parcel to you, for a fee of 100 JPY per Item URL.
You won't be charged a Consolidation Fee if your parcel contains only one order number with only one URL.

NEW Consolidation System
What are the Benefits?
  • Order from multiple stores and ship the items all together!

  • Save on international shipping!

  • Minimize import tax and customs fees!

  • Consolidation requests cannot be canceled once the parcel status is listed as "being packed".
  • Once packing is finished, we cannot repack the parcel or do any the following:
    • Consolidate multiple separate parcels into one
    • Add or remove items
    • Add or remove packing materials
  • The way a parcel is packed is determined by our warehouse team, and we do not accept specific packing requests.
  • By default, items are packed within the Japan Post Surface Mail size and weight limits.
  • Items will be packed into multiple boxes if using one box would exceed the Japan Post Surface Mail size limits.
  • Fragile items, such as musical instruments, audio equipment, or monitors, may be packed on their own to reduce the risk of damage during international shipment.
  • For fragile items, we highly recommend choosing our Protective Packing option (1,000 JPY per Parcel) for the most secure packing.
  • Japan Post charges a 2,800 JPY Customs Processing Fee if the total price of all items in a parcel exceeds 200,000 JPY.
    • For more information about the customs clearance procedure, please check here.
    • For more information about the customs clearance fee, please check here (Only available in Japanese).