DEJAPAN is a Japanese proxy service, helping you buy and bid on Japanese products from anywhere in the world, with ZERO commission!

Introducing Our Teams

There are 3 main teams that make up DEJAPAN:

Purchase, Customer Service, and Warehouse.
We work together to get you the items you want!

  • 01
    Purchase Team

    We treat each order like it’s our own.
    We strive to fulfill orders quickly and accurately, while accommodating each customer’s unique needs.

  • 02
    Customer Service Team

    We’re happy to assist you whenever you need help.
    Our role is to make your shopping experience as smooth and easy as possible.

  • 03
    Warehouse Team

    We pack your items with care to protect them during the international shipping journey, so they arrive safely to your door.

Our Vision

To connect people around the world with Japanese culture.

Our Mission

To provide the best shopping experience for all Japan lovers around the world.

Our Values
Simplicity Our Service

Keeping things easy to navigate and understand so anyone around the world can use our service.

Customer-Oriented Our Mindset

Relating to the customers’ needs as if we’re in their shoes, and doing our best to resolve any problems.

Friendliness Our Attitude

Being honest, compassionate, and real with customers and fellow employees.