【TOHOKU KOGEI】TOUCH CLASSIC 酒器3点セット Three-piece sake set

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  素材/MATERIAL : ガラス / Glass

  サイズ/SIZE : W 8.7cm D 9.2cm H 7cm(Katakuchi)/

                      W 5.7cm D 5.7cm H 5cm (Choko)

  桐箱入り / Placed in an empress tree box






   A set of a KATAKUCHI and a pair of CHOKO. Having a thin and highly trans-

  parent SHOTOKU Glass as its base, the KATAKUCHI and the CHOKO have been

  produced resembling the image of the mountain ridgelines and the ocean wav-

  es of Miyagi, expressed with gradated colors of Tamamushi lacquer.


   The distinctive design brightens the table, adding an elegant touch.



  - 幼児の手の届かない所に保管してください。

  - 体質により、ごくまれに漆料(うるし)でかぶれることがありますので

  - 毎日のケアでは、中性洗剤で洗浄し、柔らかい布で拭いてください。

    タワシ、磨き粉の使用 / シンナー、ベンジンなどの溶剤、薬品の使用

  - 割れ、欠け、ヒビ、塗面のキズ・ハクリがある場合は使用しないでください。
    電子レンジ、オーブン、直火での加熱 / 自動食器洗浄器(乾燥機)の使用 /

  - 変形、変色、カビなどの原因になる使い方


  # Keep out of reach of small children.

  # Stop the use of the product if the Japanese lacquer (sumac) causes
    allergic reactions such as skin rashes or inflammations.

  # Wash the product daily with a neutral detergent then wipe it with a soft rag.
    Use of the items below may cause damage to the lacquer or strip it off:
    Do not use a scrubbing brush or a tooth paste.
    Do not use solvents or chemicals, such as thinner or benzene.

  # Do not use the product if it is cracked or chipped, or if the lacquered
    surface is damaged or stripped.

  # Use of the items below may cause a fire or crack the product:
    Do not use in microwave ovens or ovens, or over direct heat.
    Do not use in dish washers or dish dryers.
    Do not store in a refrigerator.

  # Do not leave the product soaked in water, hot water or oil for a long time.
    This can cause deforming, changing of color, or molding.


  Tamamushi Lacquerware


  -Miyagi Prefecture Award 6th Monozukuri Nippon Grand Award Minister of

   Economy, Trade and Industry Prize,  Miyagi excellent MONO award 

  -Introduced at NHK BS Premium "IPPIN" as "Miyagi Sendai lacquerware -

   the mysterious pattern shining light -


    Also introduced in numerous interviews, the seven major by countries (G7)

   finance ministers and central bank governors meeting, wine cup of nano-

   composite coating is adopted in the memorabilia to national officials.




   About TOHOKU KOGEI (東北工芸製作所)

    TOHOKU KOGEI(東北工芸製作所) has been cherished since its inception -. 

  It is called "to craft use from crafts to see", is the spirit of making things. 


    This is the early Showa era to be opened in Sendai was Japan's first country

  of design research facility "National Industrial Art Institute" is also the basic

  philosophy inherited from.


    We make crafts, "decoration" rather than, "used is in Nanbo". 

  Taking advantage of the patented technology of lacquer called "jewel beetle

  painting" was born in Sendai, not only in Japan, with a view to overseas,

  color and design fit in today's lifestyle, the price range working on product

  development while consciousness we were able.