conditionTerms and conditions

1. Definitions

DEJAPAN is part of JABLE Ltd, henceforth referred to as 'The Company' or 'We/Us'.
Users must agree to all terms and conditions before registering an account and using the service.
'Transaction' covers all steps of the process between 'account registration' and '2nd/final payment' online.

2. About the service

The company provides a proxy service, enabling users to purchase Japanese products and items from outside of Japan.
When a user makes a transaction through the website, we purchase the selected items directly on their behalf.
Once it arrives at our warehouse in Japan, we check the packaging, repack and consolidate if necessary, and ship packages out to customers.

3. Operations

DEJAPAN proxy service is operated by JABLE.
The store shopping service is operated as a partnership between JABLE and transcosmos inc.

4. Registration

You must agree to all terms and conditions before using the service. You must register an account to begin using the service and purchase items.
Do not provide your account information and login details to any other party.
We are not liable for any losses caused due to violations of these terms.

5. Creating an account

Registering an account is taken as acceptance of these terms and conditions in full.
Once you have provided all necessary information, account registration is complete.
Registered users are responsible for managing their own account details, including login information and passwords.
All transactions made by a registered account must be conducted by the user who created the account.
We are not responsible for losses or other incidents caused by unauthorized access to user accounts.
If this leads to any direct losses to the company, we may seek compensation directly.
Individuals can hold only one account at a time. We monitor user accounts and strictly prohibit the operation of multiple accounts.
You must not bid on or purchase items on someone else’s behalf.

6. Personal information

Users are responsible for updating their own personal information on 'My Page'. It is your responsibility to ensure that the information we hold is accurate.
We are not responsible for issues and losses caused by any mistakes in the information you provide.

7. Account cancellation and deregistering

Registration can be cancelled through 'My Page'.
We are not responsible for any losses or issues caused by the following actions, and if any of these actions are attempted, your account is subject to permanent termination without notification, subject to our discretion: 

  • Using the service to commit fraud.
  • Wrongly inputting a password several times and being temporarily locked out of the account.
  • Any and all actions which directly violate these terms and conditions.
  • Bidding on or ordering items you do not want and do not intend to pay for.為
  • Use of the service in any way which violates laws and regulations applicable in your country (e.g. attempting to purchase prohibited items).
  • Using the service to attempt to order an illegal item (such as weapons, illegal pornographic material, etc.)

8. Terms of service

All registered users must remain fully aware of our terms and conditions, as well as of potential risks involved in transactions.
You must also make sure you have access to the most appropriate equipment to use our service.
We take no responsibility for issues such as slow internet access or insufficient screen display sizes.

  • We cannot purchase extremely large items, such as automobiles and parts, real estate etc., ‘living’ items such as plants, or any illegal and/or prohibited items from Yahoo! Auctions on your behalf.
  • A 300,000 yen limit applies for all purchases.
  • Transactions may be subject to government regulations, or be influenced by political and economic factors in either Japan or your own country.
  • Transactions may be affected by laws and Customs procedures, cultural issues, business practices, and other regulations in your country or region.
  • In particular, our terms and conditions are subject to interpretation under Japanese law specifically. This will be the interpretation used in the case of issues or disputes.
  • Transactions and shipping may be subject to risks caused by system and communication equipment errors, war and terrorism, individual country border policies, political and/or social upheaval, natural disasters, and other unforeseen circumstances.
  • As many transactions involve advance purchasing, users may encounter shipping delays and/or order cancellations.
  • We may ask you for authorisation details, to prevent credit card fraud. You can obtain this information from your own card provider. If you do not provide this information within seven (7) working days, we will dispose of the item. We cannot refund you if this happens.
  • Exchange rate fluctuations may occur during the transaction.
  • Due to carrier issues beyond our control, delays, damage, or loss of shipments may occur.
  • There may be unknown risks and circumstances involved in any and all transactions.
  • The risks listed here are not comprehensive, and we do not define every single risk or issue which may influence your transactions.
  • If the 2nd payment has not been made for items for more than 6 months after arrival, items will be discarded.

9. Provided services

The service we provide covers:

  • Rakuten,, Yahoo! Shopping, Yahoo! Auction proxy services
  • Access to Premium Bandai products exclusively available online in Japan.
  • Exclusive Japanese stores that are available to make a purchase at store shopping section.

Items requested are purchased in the name of the company.
We do not take corporate or personal responsibility for any advice or suggestions provided by any DEJAPAN representative.

10. Proxy service

Except for in very specific circumstances, we cannot accept any amendments or cancellations to orders once placed.
We also do not give refunds. Exceptions granted under specific circumstances are entirely at the company's discretion, and are subject to additional charges.

  • Order cancellation

    We use an automatic purchasing system, to minimize delays between user transactions and our actual purchase of items. Because of this, we are typically unable to cancel orders once submitted.
    Even in these cases, the order can only be cancelled if the seller agrees to it.

  • Returns, exchanges and refunds

    We do not accept exchanges or returns, or provide refunds, if there is nothing wrong with the item in principle (e.g. if you simply changed your mind).
    If the seller does not offer an exchange service, we likewise cannot offer this to you.
    If you receive a damaged item, you must contact us within seven (7) working days of delivery.
    Potential compensation or replacement of damaged items is entirely at our discretion. Please be aware that you may not receive either.

  • Counterfeit items

    We work with companies such as BANDAI Co., Ltd. to prevent the sale of counterfeit items in the first instance.
    We provide all item listings from Japanese shopping websites 'as is'. We cannot confirm the authenticity of individual items before purchase.
    We take no responsibility for the quality and authenticity of any items you purchase using the service. We do not provide refunds for counterfeit items.
    Whether an item is counterfeit or not, we cannot guarantee any individual seller’s authenticity or the legality and accuracy of their listings.
    We are unable to verify whether individual listings infringe on third-party rights.
    We take no responsibility or liability if a seller goes bankrupt or suspends their activities before you receive your items.

  • Defective items

    Fake/Defective items
    If you receive a defective item, you must contact us within three (3) working days of the delivery.
    If the seller does not offer an exchange service, we likewise cannot offer this to you.

11. Necessary payments

We charge users the item price, the domestic shipping fee, and the international shipping charge.
For auctions where sellers have physical stores in Japan, a 10% sales tax will apply.
You must accept all stated charges in order to use the service.
Optional services are subject to additional charges. These may include repacking multiple items into one shipment.

12. Payment procedure

Payment is a two-step process: '1st payment' and '2nd payment'.
The first payment covers the item price as well as plan fee/packing option if you apply for it. Once the item has been delivered to our warehouse, we request the second payment, which includes the international delivery fee, domestic delivery and transaction fee (if applied)

13. Shipment

  • (1)Domestic delivery

    Purchased items are initially delivered to our warehouse in Japan. A domestic delivery rate applies for this portion of the service.
    We can have items shipped to addresses within Japan, however these will also pass through our warehouse and be subject to two (2) payments. A 10% handling fee will also apply.

  • (2)International delivery

    The international delivery fee is the cost involved in delivering packages overseas. This will vary by destination, package size, and package weight.
    The carrier service we use depends on the destination country/region. As such, delivery times will also vary.

  • (3)Packing

    Items are packed and handled in line with our warehouse service regulations. You can request to have multiple items consolidated into one package for shipping. We do not accept packing instructions for every individual item.

14. Customs

In addition to our charges, you may need to pay Customs fees and import taxes imposed by your country or region.
We are not responsible for these fees, and cannot assist with having items cleared by Customs.
If specific items require additional documentation, you are responsible for arranging this paperwork.
These preparations must also be done at your own expense.

15. Imports

Users in countries which require specific import permits and licences must obtain the relevant documentation at their own expense.
If you need specific advice on importing to your country, please contact your local Customs office.

16. Refunds on incorrect deliveries

In the vast majority of cases, we cannot give refunds on any part of your order.
Refunds can, however, potentially be issued if you have been sent the wrong item.
You must contact us within seven (7) working days of receiving the item. Depending on the circumstances, we may require you to have the item shipped back to our warehouse in Japan.
If the item was purchased using PayPal funds, we will send the refund back to the PayPal account used to make the purchase.
Please note we cannot send refunds to any other PayPal accounts you may have.
If the item was purchased using a credit card, we will cancel the payment. Please note we cannot have the refund applied to any other card you possess.

17. Precautions and warnings

  • You must be aware of, and agree to, all terms and conditions before using this service. You may not issue any claim or dispute against us based on a lack of awareness of these terms.
  • Immediately cancelling an order is prohibited, and will result in user account suspension or termination.
  • If you receive a notification that your bid on a Yahoo! Auction listing was unsuccessful, if the winner is unable to claim the item then you may still win the bidding at a later date. Should this happen, you must pay for the item whether you still require it or not.
  • We cannot change the value on shipping invoices for Customs purposes.
  • Points schemes and other bonuses offered by sellers and stores are dealt with at our discretion. You are not automatically entitled to any of these points or bonuses.
  • Items containing lithium batteries cannot be shipped to several international destinations. This restriction varies by country and region. We are not responsible for any issues related to the purchase of prohibited items.
  • We are not responsible for discrepancies caused by fluctuations in the exchange rate.
  • We do not pass on any receipts, bills or vouchers issued by sellers. For our company financial management purposes, we retain all documentation from sellers.
  • All orders placed using the service are made in the company director's name. We cannot put individual customer names on orders.
  • 「The 2nd payment must be made within five (5) working days of us notifying you that the item has arrived at our warehouse. If 30 days pass without payment or other instructions, we will dispose of the item.

18. How we use personal information

DEJAPAN may use your personal information under circumstances defined in our Privacy Policy. Refer to this policy for full details on our handling of user information.
Please make sure that you have read, understood and agreed to the privacy policy in full before registering an account.

19. Cookies

We collect cookies on this website to authenticate registered members. They are also used to access account-related personal information and service records. In this way, we can provide a more personalised, comprehensive service to all users.

20. Prohibited actions

You are prohibited from using the service for any of the following purposes:

  • Deliberate violation of these terms and conditions, laws and regulations, or any other cautionary notes and warnings which apply to your transaction.
  • Purchases of items for military use.
  • Infringement of our rights, seller rights, or the individual rights of any other service user.
  • Actions which could violate public morals or cause harm to minors.
  • Writing or sending programs or e-mails which could harm our system and/or users.
  • Attempting or successfully hacking into our servers or other computer systems.
  • Providing user information and passwords to third parties for any reason.

21. If service is discontinued

During system maintenance, in the case of server issues. and at other times, we may modify or suspend all or part of the website and services.
It may not be possible for us to provide advance notice of this.

22. Modification of terms and conditions

We reserve the right to amend or modify any of these terms and conditions at any time. We may also add new conditions, as and when necessary.

23. Other

As the company is owned and operated within Japan, we provide all services, guidance and terms in accordance with Japanese law.
Any legal disputes raised with us will be dealt with by a Japanese court or judicial system. Depending on your country of residence, your legal rights may vary.