light How to buy

Step 1 - Find the items you want

We can order from almost any online Japanese retailer! There are some stores we can’t order from, though, so be sure to check the list here first!

Step 2 - Add your items to the Request Form

  • In the Request Form, enter the following information for each item you want to buy.
  • Item URL
  • Item Name (Copying and pasting the Japanese name is fine!)
  • Option (if there aren’t any options available, please click the “No option” box!)
  • Price
  • Quantity

It helps us out if you also upload an image of the item or a screenshot of the item page! This helps the purchase team and warehouse ensure they’re getting the right item.

** Please note that one order can only contain items from one website. If you want to order from multiple websites, you’ll have to submit separate orders.

Once you’ve added all of your items, click “Confirm Request”, then “Add to Cart”.

Step 3 - Complete First Payment

Once all of your items are added to your shopping cart, you’ll need to complete your order with your first payment.

If you want to consolidate your order with other orders for international shipment, make sure the Consolidation Plan button is checked. If you uncheck it, your order will be packed on its own, without any of your other orders.

Also make sure to choose what you want to happen if one of your items is out of stock. You can either have the whole order canceled, or proceed with only the items that are in stock.

Once you’ve confirmed your choices, you can proceed through first payment checkout with either a credit card or Paypal.

Please note that while we don’t ask for your full address until you’re ready for international shipping, you do need to enter your country of residence when making your first payment.

Step 4 - First Payment Complete

Congratulations! Now that your first payment is complete, our purchase team will buy your items. Once your items are successfully purchased, you’ll get an email notification!

For more detailed information on how to use our Request Form, check out the tutorial on our blog! Have a question? Feel free to Contact Us or send us an email at!